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Manufacturing and Automation


At Moderna, we are speeding the development of a series of new drug modalities, each with the potential to generate its own product development opportunities in many therapeutic areas. We are committed to developing the broadest possible array of drugs imaginable and to developing them simultaneously — to deliver on the promise of messenger RNA (mRNA) science for patients as quickly as possible.

We are investing in the build-out of highly automated production and manufacturing capabilities to power our discovery and development efforts at a scale and speed that is truly differentiating. Deploying the most advanced robotics technology, we are automating every step of the process — from filtering and purification, to the creation of each mRNA construct, to the rapid production and manufacture of those constructs for discovery and development.

In addition, we have pioneered a first-in-class drug discovery software solution which enables scientists working with Moderna to design, order, and optimize a drug in a matter of minutes, for delivery in weeks, from a cloud-based portal. 

With this technology, we can achieve:

  • High levels of purification;
  • Unprecedented scale, with the capacity to produce dozens to hundreds of unique mRNA constructs per week, and thousands per year, for preclinical and clinical testing — with a cycle time of a handful of weeks;
  • Automated high throughput, enabling rapid scientific advances in our mRNA Therapeutics™ platform — such as a 1,000-fold increase in protein expression potency in a 12-month span; and
  • Unique levels of control and versatility, with the ability to adjust and course correct with speed, enabled by constant robotic reporting and data-generation.

At Moderna, we are on our way toward reducing the drug manufacturing cycle from weeks or months to just days — speeding our own mRNA scientific research efforts as well as those of our growing number of partners and ventures.