Diverse Opportunities, Focused Approach

Messenger RNA Therapeutics™ can be applied to meet patient needs across a broad range of diseases. Initially, we will focus in key disease areas where high unmet medical needs demand safe, efficacious, and innovative therapies: Inherited Genetic Disorders, Hemophilic and Blood Factors, and Oncology. We are also engaging in strategic option agreements with AstraZeneca and Alexion Pharmaceuticals in other disease areas to ensure this important innovation reaches patients as quickly as possible.

Moderna has completed preclinical proof-of-concept studies. We have shown that messenger RNA Therapeutics™ can successfully induce in vivo production of dozens of effector proteins through intra-muscular, subcutaneous, and intravenous administration; and have demonstrated safety and efficacy in multiple preclinical models, including non-human primates.

We can generate and test new drug candidates of messenger RNA Therapeutics™ in animals in a matter of weeks, dramatically accelerating the speed of drug development, as well as reducing the cost and risk traditionally associated with discovering and delivering new medicines to patients. This speed, and the flexibility of our enabling technology to address any number of diseases, is giving rise to a robust portfolio of therapeutic candidates.

Watch this space to see how we grow in the coming months.

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